Monitoring that works!

PVPi Monitoring Solutions is a turnkey solution based off a portable computing device that connects via Modbus protocol with your existing Solar Inverters. Connect, Configure and get all the data you need to make informed decisions!

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We designed PVPi to include a useful set of functionality, while at the same time focusing on designing an easy to use product.

Multi-Site, Multi-Device, Multi-Register

Whether you're looking to monitor a single inverter or a whole range of devices, spread over several facilities, we've got you covered. And our solution comes packed with pre-configured register mappings for popular devices, but you can also define your own

Useful information on site

We included a basic set of charts and a dashboard with important information , to quickly understand the status with your devices, at first glance

Free Updates pro

The cloud version of the app, only available for PRO subscribers is frequently and automatically updated, also as a subscriber you'll get priority access to the device version of the app, free of charge.

Pre-configured support for common Solar Inverters

We've designed PVPi Monitoring Solutions to be easily customizable to connect and read data from any device you'd like to use it for, but still, we'd added pre-configured templates detailing the registers of common devices, to save you even more work and offer you a complete plug and play solution.

Open source

The community edition of our device software is open source and hosted on public repositories, as our way of sharing with the community and improving the solutions for everybody.

A friendly community

Get exclusive access to our private, members only support area, where you can exchange view and solutions with other members and interact and ask questions to our technical staff.

Free monitoring for everybody

We created PVPi to unlock the limitations and restraints of proprietary PV monitoring software, To allow everyone access to versatile monitoring software for a diverse, rapidly growing and changing industry.

More support for your devices

PVPi takes advantage of the proven, widely accepted ModBus protocol adopted by nearly all manufactures to create a highly compatible data aquisition system. PVPi is designed to run on arm based Single Board Computers, like the Raspberry Pi, running the Raspbian OS. This leverages one of the largest DIY communities and enables an unmatched peer support system to assist in almost any design or application of use.

Cloud storage and analytics

PVPi automatically sends all the data captured to our secure cloud servers, where through your client dashboard, you'll be able to run several data visualizations and ready, pre-programmed analysis and it comes with 1-year of free data storage.